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Fitted Wardrobes - Best Solutions are Made With us

At DP bespoke furniture Fitted Wardrobes are one of the most requested services from our clients. We’ve had a number of customers for whom we crafted bespoke furniture including fitted wardrobes to their very specific requests and we are proud to have such unique jobs in our portfolio. We’ve worked with some very odd shaped spaces and rooms where you’d never thought any piece of furniture would fit in. Surely, we’ve worked with spacious accommodations as well and have produced some wonderful pieces which looked exactly the way our customers wanted, and they fit in so perfectly, as if those fitted wardrobes always belonged there. If you would like to transform your room or yet have to discover space in your bedroom for a fitted wardrobe you never thought you had, let us help you. We have knowledge, experience and always have many realistic ideas. Bespoke furniture is our primary area of expertise and you can rely on us to find a solution for fitted wardrobes tailored to your needs.

Fitted Wardrobes

Fitted Wardrobes

Functional And Originally Looking Wardrobes Crafted by DP

We know the importance of functional fitted wardrobes. We also understand the importance of space solutions in a room of any size and the look of the exclusive furniture. It’s essential that fitted wardrobes fit into the room not just by mathematical measurements but become an intrinsic part of the whole interior. Very well crafted bespoke furniture is more than just an item made to look different or sort an awkward space problem. Custom furniture give a new dimension, another feeling of the whole area, while still it must be useful.

Carefully Thought out Solutions for Fitted Wardrobes

Skills, craft, art and clients’ requirements joined together are the formula of some of our best designs. We pay attention to details and take into consideration lots of aspects which come into furniture design in order to propose the best solution for you. We’re very creative, yet, it’s essential to work precisely once the project is finalised. Style, finish touch, colour, materials will be decided by you with our expert help. We’ll take care of everything else what required. A fitted wardrobe you’ll receive from us won’t be just a wardrobe you had to install to keep your things somewhere; it’ll be a functional home accessory serving you for years while looking great.

Fitted Wardrobe crafted by DP Bespoke Furniture makers

Walk In Wardrobes

Stylish And Practical Walk In Wadrobes Individually Designed For You

Looking for practical and stylish solutions of walk in wardrobes, which would solve not just one problem but would become an essential part of the whole interior, a secret space, where you’ll keep your clothes and create a whole new room to make a special use of. We can help you to make a clever use of space available and propose a tailored design perfectly fitted to your requirements. Walk in wardrobes is one of our primary services and we’ve got some very unique projects we were lucky to work on. Walk in wardrobes are in a high demand and the experience we’ve gained by now working on different projects is invaluable.

Walk In Wardrobes

Designing Walk In Wardrobes With us

First of all we’d like to hear what exactly you have in mind so we could offer our bespoke solution and make a unique prototype which would work specifically for you. Possibilities can be endless given that we do know what we do and what you would like to get as a finished product. Drawings, hanging racks, open shelves, separate storage for shoes, handbags or accessories, departments for designer clothes, casual outfits, sportswear, office suits, party dresses, lingerie or anything else you’ll name – all your precious belongings can be stored away neatly in cosy rooms with easy access any time you want them. We’ll make sure your walk in closet is designed in a very functional way and offer you rather a special dressing experience as well as an excellent storage solution. We have the expertise to make proper use of every millimetre, make it feel glamorous and be extremely practical.

How Do We Know That We Can Help You?

All our solutions are bespoke. We have a customised approach to our clients and treat every request individually and with great care. Our smart designers and a team of crafters can deliver excellent solutions for small and large rooms. We work with awkwardly shaped spaces as well, you may be surprised where a walk in wardrobe may fit in best. It may seem that walk in wardrobes would be a compromise of a living space, however a well-designed wardrobe is in fact can be a real space saver. You’ll know exactly what we mean when you have a professional consultation with us. We’ll take you through all the details and show you exactly what we can do for you.

Walk in wardrobe by DP Bespoke Furniture

Built In Wardrobes

Finding a Solution For Your New Built In Wardrobe With Us

Built in wardrobes have been in high demand over some period of time up until now and seem to have reached peak of popularity nowadays. And we are not surprised why. It’s a real space saver, ideal solution to keep room tidy and spacious, yet, it can be modern and stylish and it’s very practical. We design built in wardrobes which are aesthetically attractive and truly functional. Do You have a feeling that your room may be slightly cluttered and you’re not sure you could compromise on space much to put a new piece of furniture to keep all the stuff away and in order? A built in wardrobe is an ideal solution for You. Some of built in wardrobes options we can design specifically for you may never have occurred to you before.

Built In Wardrobes

Can a Built In Wardrobe be Designed For My Home?

Space, budget, big ideas, in need of a great solution, attracted by a thought of bespoke built in wardrobes and how wonderful they are? DP Bespoke furniture experts bring big ideas to reality. We carefully consider the space we’ll have to work with to make the best use of it. All the measurements will be carefully taken by our designer, as it’s paramount for quality and fitment of the final product. Our solution suggestions only based on real scenarios and we are confident that we can deliver excellent results within almost any requirements. We also know how important to stay on the budget if such provided and we can assure you that the work will be done within the financial limits you’ll set for us. You’ll get a bespoke closet customized to your needs and on a budget.

Built in Wardrobe | DP Bespoke Furniture maker | Carpenter

How Do I Know The Design Of My Built In Wardrobe Will Suit My Home?

In order to offer a best solution for you we’ll visit you on site. While discussing a design for your new built in wardrobe with our team, you’ll go with us through style, materials, finishing touches, colour pallets which would ideally suit your interior. We never design dull pieces and will be proud to create one of the best built in wardrobes for you we’ve ever made. We deliver value for money. Whether it’s your master bedroom, children bedroom, a built in wardrobe in a hall way or any other area in your home we know that it can be done. And it’ll be done skilfully and tastefully.

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