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Living room

London based carpenter | Bespoke custom Living Room Set | Designer | Craftsman | Maker

Living room, oh how much time we spend in it! One of the most important rooms in the house from a design perspective, as it is the room most shown off to friends and guests. But while it needs to be classy, modern and unique, we also want to keep it comfy, cozy and nice to spend loads of time in!

Which is where we come in! We work closely with you, our customers, to find the perfect solution, a middle ground between your style and comfort resuirements! Who said a stylish living room set can not also be spacious on the inside? Not us! Sky is the limit! Just get in touch, describe what you have in mind, and we will guide and aid you on every step of the way to your perfect, one of a kind Living room!


Bespoke bedroom furniture lovingly handcrafted by DP in London individually for our client

Come in, sleep, leave? is this all a bedroom is? Well to some it is, but not to others. Many of us do not just sleep there! How about a lazy saturday in bed, with favourite book, or watching your fav serie on TV, or maybe socializing on the laptop. Either way the imagination is your playground when it comes to bedroom furniture design! Beds, wardrobes, nightstands, tv stands, laptop tables, dressers - the list is extensive. And so are the style and design possibilities. Give us a shout, and we will be there for you, every step of the way enroute to your fantastic bedroom!

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