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How do we work?

Step 1

Initial contact.


When You first contact us, we will talk to you to get an idea of the furniture project you have in mind, and set up a home visit for you to meet with our designer. You can contact us initially in a multitude of ways - by email or phone, contact form on this page, leave us a post on Facebook, or skip this step altogether, and book a home visit straight away, using the links available on this website.

Step 2

Home visit.

The first home visit will be a relatively quick one. Our designer will chat with you about your requirements, and details like materials, color, budget and lots of other relevant stuff. While having this conversation, the designer will also take down the general shape of the floor plan, along with its approximate size - this is needed to create a preliminary design and for you. This visit is free, if You are located within the M25 (if not, the price will depend on the distance from M25 - we will go anywhere in the UK for our customers).

Step 3

Design and Quote prep.

This stage can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks, depending on the scale and complexity of Your project. During this time we will be happy for You to stay in touch, and change or add things to Your heart’s content. Once the draft is ready, we will send you the 3d model, along with a preliminary quote by email - at this stage You can make any final adjustments, and make Your decision about going forward with Your project.

Step 4

Detailed project and pre-manufacture.

At this stage it’s time for a second, more lengthy visit of our designer to Your home. We will need precise measurements to be able to prepare the CAD designs that will be used in the manufacturing process. Our designers take utter care to be very thorough at this stage, to eliminate any and all possibility of any errors. And you still can make updates to colour, or material, or anything else really - but this will be the last chance for that. Once the finalised CAD design is complete we will provide you with Your final quote. It should, and usually is very close to the preliminary one.

Step 5

The anticipation and manufacture stage.

Your wait eagerly, while our professional carpenters create Your furniture from best grade materials, available on the market, strictly adhering to the project You created. This process can take from two to five weeks, depending on the project, and how busy we are.

Step 6

Installation and Aftercare.

Once we have Your furniture completed, we call You to arrange delivery and installation. We work with You, to fit your schedule. Our fitters will install Your furniture, taking great care of it, and surroundings - we guarantee quality and cleanliness. We will never leave a mess, and when you sign for the finished and installed furniture, whether it is a Kitchen set, or a Fitted Wardrobe, You will see professional, beautiful, bespoke product, made exactly to Your requirements.

And even after we are done, we will be there for You to provide furniture care advice and help with any possible alteration later down the road. Our warranty ranges from 5 to 10 years, depending on the project and materials used, so You can rest assured Your peace of mind is guaranteed.

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